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Calm Radio - Joseph-Maurice RavelCalm Radio - Joseph-Maurice Ravel

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Joseph-Maurice Ravel (March 7, 1875 – December 28, 1937) was a French composer known especially for his melodies, orchestral and instrumental textures and effects. Along with Claude Debussy, he was one of the most prominent figures associated with Impressionist music. Much of his piano music, chamber music, vocal music and orchestral music has entered the standard concert repertoire. Ravel's piano compositions, such as Jeux d'eau, Miroirs, Le tombeau de Couperin and Gaspard de la nuit, demand considerable virtuosity from the performer, and his orchestral music, including Daphnis et Chloé and his arrangement of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, use a variety of sound and instrumentation. Ravel is perhaps known best for his orchestral work Boléro (1928), which he considered trivial and once described as "a piece for orchestra without music". ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Joseph-Maurice Ravel インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Joseph-Maurice Ravel ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Late BaroqueCalm Radio - Late Baroque

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The Baroque period is divided into three major phases: early, middle, and late. The greatest legacy handed down by the Late Baroque period was its enormous wealth of operas (such as Handel's Serse) and oratorios, (two of the greatest being the St. Matthew Passion by J.S. Bach and Handel's magnificent Messiah). It is perhaps these two oratorios which most typify the sense of opulence and splendor associated with the period. Other major musical contributions of the Late Baroque era were various dance forms, such as the minuet, gigue, courante, allemande, and sarabande. These dances reflected movements that were ornamental, which was another key feature of this particular time in the history of music. The concerto grosso; the key instrumental form of the Late Baroque period, reflected the contrast between two groups of instruments: One was a small body of string soloists, known as the concertino, concertato, or concertante; the other group, known as the ripieno, formed the larger string section. The two groups would either alternate with one another or, at times, play together. Some of the greatest concerti grossi are those by Corelli, J.S. Bach, and Handel. It was from this early concerto form that the later Classical and Romantic concertos developed. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Late Baroque インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Late Baroque ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Lieders and SongsCalm Radio - Lieders and Songs

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Lieders or songs were originally denoted in classical music the setting of Romantic German poems to music, especially during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Examples include settings by Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert. Among English-speakers, however, "Lied" is often used interchangeably with "art song" to encompass works that the tradition has inspired in other languages. The poems that have been made into Lieder often center on pastoral themes or themes of romantic love. Typically, Lieder are arranged for a single singer and piano, the Lied with orchestral accompaniment being a later development. Some of the most famous examples of Lieder are Schubert's "Der Tod und das Mädchen" ("Death and the Maiden") and "Gretchen am Spinnrade". Sometimes Lieder are gathered in a Liederkreis or "song cycle", a series of songs (generally three or more) tied by a single narrative or theme, such as Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin and Winterreise, or Robert Schumann's Frauenliebe und -leben and Dichterliebe. Schubert and Schumann are most closely associated with this genre, mainly developed in the Romantic era. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Lieders and Songs インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Lieders and Songs ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Luigi BoccheriniCalm Radio - Luigi Boccherini

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Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini (February 19, 1743 – May 28, 1805) was an Italian classical era composer and cellist whose music retained a courtly and galante style while he matured somewhat apart from the major European musical centers. Boccherini is most widely known for one particular minuet from his String Quintet in E, Op. 11, No. 5 (G 275), and the Cello Concerto in B flat major (G 482). The latter work was long known in the heavily altered version by German cellist and prolific arranger Friedrich Grützmacher, but has recently been restored to its original version. Boccherini composed several guitar quintets including the "Fandango" which was influenced by Spanish music. His biographer Elisabeth Le Guin noted among Boccherini's musical qualities "an astonishing repetitiveness, an affection for extended passages with fascinating textures but virtually no melodic line, an obsession with soft dynamics, a unique ear for sonority, and an unusually rich palette of introverted and mournful affects." ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Luigi Boccherini インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Luigi Boccherini ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Luigi CherubiniCalm Radio - Luigi Cherubini

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Luigi Cherubini (8 or 14 September 1760 – 15 March 1842) was an Italian composer who spent most of his working life in France. His most significant compositions are operas and sacred music. Beethoven regarded Cherubini as the greatest of his contemporaries. Feeling constrained by Italian traditions and eager to experiment, he made an excursion to Paris with his friend Giovanni Battista Viotti, who presented him to Marie Antoinette and Parisian society. Cherubini received an important commission to write Démophon to a French libretto by Jean-François Marmontel that would be his first tragédie en musique. Cherubini spent the rest of his life in France where he was initiated into Grand Orient de France "Saint-Jean de Palestine" Masonic Lodge in 1784 ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Luigi Cherubini インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Luigi Cherubini ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - LuteCalm Radio - Lute

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Lute can refer generally to any string instrument having the strings running in a plane parallel to the sound table (in the Hornbostel–Sachs system), more specifically to any plucked string instrument with a neck (either fretted or unfretted) and a deep round back, or more specifically to an instrument from the family of European lutes. The European lute and the modern Near-Eastern oud both descend from a common ancestor via diverging evolutionary paths. The lute is used in a great variety of instrumental music from the Medieval to the late Baroque eras and was the most important instrument for secular music in the Renaissance. It is also an accompanying instrument, especially in vocal works, often realizing a basso continuo or playing a written-out accompaniment. The player of a lute is called a lutenist, lutanist, "lewtist" or lutist, and a maker of lutes (or any string instrument) is referred to as a luthier. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Lute インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Lute ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - MadrigalsCalm Radio - Madrigals

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A madrigal is a secular vocal music composition, usually a partsong, of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. Traditionally, polyphonic madrigals are unaccompanied; the number of voices varies from two to eight, and most frequently from three to six. The madrigal reached its formal and historical zenith by the second half of the 16th century. English and German composers, too, took up the madrigal in its heyday. After the 1630s, the madrigal began to merge with the cantata and the dialogue. With the rise of opera in the early 17th century, the aria gradually displaced the madrigal. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Madrigals インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Madrigals ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - MovieolaCalm Radio - Movieola

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Wonderful movie themes and scores from the top composers like Mark Isham, John Williams, Alexandre Desplait, Jan Kaczmarek, James Horner, Bernard Hermann and lots more. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Movieola インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Movieola ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - MozartCalm Radio - Mozart

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The most relaxing music-streaming experience online and on your device. Over 185 channels of soothing New Age, Classical, Jazz and Contemporary. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Mozart インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Mozart ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - OperaCalm Radio - Opera

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Opera is an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work combining text (called a libretto) and musical score, usually in a theatrical setting. Opera incorporates many of the elements of spoken theatre, such as acting, scenery, and costumes and sometimes includes dance. Opera is part of the Western classical music tradition. It started in Italy at the end of the 16th century and soon spread through the rest of Europe: Schütz in Germany, Lully in France, and Purcell in England all helped to establish their national traditions in the 17th century. In the 18th century, Italian opera continued to dominate most of Europe, except France, attracting foreign composers such as Handel. Today the most renowned figure of late 18th century opera is Mozart and is most famous for his Italian comic operas, especially The Marriage of Figaro (Le Nozze Di Figaro), Don Giovanni, and Così fan tutte, as well as The Magic Flute. The first third of the 19th century saw the highpoint of the bel canto style, with Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini all creating works that are still performed today. The mid-to-late 19th century was a "golden age" of opera, led and dominated by Wagner in Germany and Verdi in Italy. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Opera インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / オペラ Calm Radio - Opera ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - OratoriosCalm Radio - Oratorios

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An oratorio is a large musical composition for orchestra, choir, and soloists. Like an opera, an oratorio includes the use of a choir, soloists, an ensemble, various distinguishable characters, and arias. However, opera is musical theatre, while oratorio is strictly a concert piece—though oratorios are sometimes staged as operas, and operas are sometimes presented in concert form. In an oratorio there is generally little or no interaction between the characters, and no props or elaborate costumes. A particularly important difference is in the typical subject matter of the text. Opera tends to deal with history and mythology, including age-old devices of romance, deception, and murder, whereas the plot of an oratorio often deals with sacred topics, making it appropriate for performance in the church. Protestant composers took their stories from the Bible, while Catholic composers looked to the lives of saints, as well as to Biblical topics. Oratorios became extremely popular in early 17th-century Italy partly because of the success of opera and the Catholic Church's prohibition of spectacles during Lent. Oratorios became the main choice of music during that period for opera audiences. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Oratorios インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Oratorios ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - OrganCalm Radio - Organ

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The organ has had an important place in classical music throughout its history. Antonio de Cabezón, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, and Girolamo Frescobaldi were three of the most important composers and teachers before 1650. Influenced by these composers, the North German school then rose to prominence with notable composers including Dieterich Buxtehude and especially Johann Sebastian Bach, considered by many to have achieved the height of organ composition. During this time, the French Classical school also flourished. After Bach, the organ's prominence gradually lost ground to the piano. Felix Mendelssohn, A.P.F. Boëly, and César Franck led a resurgence in the mid-19th century, leading a Romantic movement that would be carried further by Charles-Marie Widor, Louis Vierne, and others. In the 20th century, early-modernist Max Reger devoted a great deal of his compositional time to the organ; from small organ pieces to large-scale works such as the choral fantasias, Symphonic Fantasy and Fugue (Opus 57), Fantasy and Fugue on B.A.C.H (Opus 46) and the monumental, Introduction, Variations and Fugue on an Original Theme (Opus 73). Reger's contribution to the organ repertoire is second only to Bach. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Organ インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Organ ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - ProkofievCalm Radio - Prokofiev

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The most relaxing music-streaming experience online and on your device. Over 185 channels of soothing New Age, Classical, Jazz and Contemporary. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Prokofiev インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Prokofiev ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - PucciniCalm Radio - Puccini

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Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini (22 December 1858 – 29 November 1924), generally known as Giacomo Puccini, was an Italian composer whose operas are among the most frequently performed in the standard repertoire. Puccini has been called "the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi". While his early work was rooted in traditional late-19th-century romantic Italian opera, he successfully developed his work in the 'realistic' verismo style, of which he became one of the leading exponents. Today, Puccini is by far the most-performed composer among his Italian contemporaries, and the same was true during his lifetime. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Puccini インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Puccini ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyCalm Radio - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (May 7, 1840 – November 6, 1893 was a Russian composer whose works included symphonies, operas, ballets, and chamber music. Some of these rate amongst the most popular concert and theatrical music in the classical repertoire. Tchaikovsky was educated for a career as a civil servant. Against the wishes of his family, he pursued a musical career and entered the Saint Petersburg Conservatory from which he graduated in 1865. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ネットラジオ 放送。


Calm Radio - SchubertCalm Radio - Schubert

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Franz Peter Schubert (31 January 1797 – 19 November 1828) was an Austrian composer. Although he died at an early age, Schubert was a prolific composer, having written some 600 Lieder, nine symphonies (including the famous "Unfinished Symphony"), liturgical music, operas, some incidental music, and a large body of chamber and solo piano music. Appreciation of Schubert's music during his lifetime was limited. Today, Schubert is seen as one of the leading exponents of the early Romantic era in music and he remains one of the most frequently performed composers. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Schubert インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Schubert ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - SchummanCalm Radio - Schumman

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The most relaxing music-streaming experience online and on your device. Over 185 channels of soothing New Age, Classical, Jazz and Contemporary.

ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Schumman インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Schumman ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Sergei RachmaninoffCalm Radio - Sergei Rachmaninoff

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Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff April 1873 – 28 March 1943) was a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor. Rachmaninoff is widely considered one of the finest pianists of his day and, as a composer, one of the last great representatives of Romanticism in Russian classical music. The piano is featured prominently in Rachmaninoff's compositional output. He made a point of using his own skills as a performer to explore fully the expressive possibilities of the instrument. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Sergei Rachmaninoff インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Sergei Rachmaninoff ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - The MassCalm Radio - The Mass

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The Mass (Latin: Missa), a form of sacred musical composition, is a choral composition that sets the invariable portions of the Eucharistic liturgy. Most Masses are settings of the liturgy in Latin, the liturgical sacred language of the Catholic Church's Roman liturgy, but there are a significant number written in the languages of non-Catholic countries where vernacular worship has long been the norm. Musical Masses take their name from the Catholic liturgy called "the Mass" as well. Masses can be a cappella, that is, without an independent accompaniment, or they can be accompanied by instrumental obbligatos up to and including a full orchestra. Many Masses, especially later ones, were never intended to be performed during the celebration of an actual mass. In classical music, a motet is a highly varied choral musical composition. The motet was one of the pre-eminent polyphonic forms of Renaissance music. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - The Mass インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - The Mass ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - TrumpetCalm Radio - Trumpet

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The trumpet repertoire consists of solo literature and orchestral or, more commonly, band parts written for the trumpet. Tracings its origins to 1500 BC, the trumpet is a musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family. There are several types of trumpet. The most common is a transposing instrument pitched in B♭ with a tubing length of about 148 cm. Earlier trumpets did not have valves, but modern instruments generally have either three piston valves or, more rarely, three rotary valves. Each valve increases the length of tubing when engaged, thereby lowering the pitch. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Trumpet インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Trumpet ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Vienna PhilharmonicCalm Radio - Vienna Philharmonic

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The Vienna Philharmonic founded in 1842, is an orchestra, regularly considered one of the finest in the world. The Vienna Philharmonic is based in the Musikverein in Vienna. The members of the orchestra are chosen from the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. This process is a long one, with each musician having to prove his or her capability for a minimum of three years' playing for the opera and ballet. Once this is achieved the musician can then ask the board of the Vienna Philharmonic to consider an application for a position in the orchestra. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Vienna Philharmonic インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Vienna Philharmonic ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Viola da GambasCalm Radio - Viola da Gambas

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Viola da Gambas have a long history. They were perhaps most popular in the 15th to 18th centuries, from about the time of Henry VIII of England, who played them, to that of Louis XIV of France (the Sun King). Shakespeare mentions them in several plays, including Twelfth Night. The sound of the viol is sweet and shimmering, quieter than that of violins, violas, or cellos. Composers for the viol include J.S. Bach , Marin Marais, Henry Purcell, François Couperin, William Byrd, and Orlando Gibbons. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Viola da Gambas インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Viola da Gambas ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - ViolinCalm Radio - Violin

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Music from classical violin artists like Anne-Sophie Mutter, Itzhak Perlman, Viktoria Mullova and many more. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Violin インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Violin ネットラジオ 放送。

Calm Radio - Yo-Yo MaCalm Radio - Yo-Yo Ma

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Yo-Yo Ma was born in Paris on October 7, 1955, to Chinese parents. His mother, Marina Lu, was a singer, and his father, Hiao-Tsiun Ma, was a violinist and professor of music at Nanjing National Central University. His family moved to New York when he was five years old. Ma began studying violin, and later viola, then the cello in 1960 at age four. His first choice was the double bass due to its large size. He began performing before audiences at age five, and performed for Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy when he was seven. At age eight, he appeared on American television with his sister, Yeou-Cheng Ma, in a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Ma studied at the Juilliard School at age nine with Leonard Rose and briefly attended Columbia University before ultimately enrolling at Harvard University later on. Prior to entering Harvard, Ma played in the Marlboro Festival Orchestra under the direction of nonagenarian cellist and conductor Pablo Casals. Ma would ultimately spend four summers at the Marlboro Music Festival after meeting and falling in love with Mount Holyoke College sophomore and festival administrator Jill Hornor his first summer there in 1972. ラジオ放送局 Calm Radio - Yo-Yo Ma インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック Calm Radio - Yo-Yo Ma ネットラジオ 放送。

Catalunya Música 101.5Catalunya Música 101.5

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ラジオ放送局 Catalunya Música 101.5 インターネットでラジオ 聴ける スペイン / クラシック Catalunya Música 101.5 ネットラジオ 放送。

CBC Radio 2 Edmonton 90.9CBC Radio 2 Edmonton 90.9

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ラジオ放送局 CBC Radio 2 Edmonton 90.9 インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / AAA CBC Radio 2 Edmonton 90.9 ネットラジオ 放送。

CBC Radio 2 Halifax 102.7CBC Radio 2 Halifax 102.7

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ラジオ放送局 CBC Radio 2 Halifax 102.7 インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / AAA CBC Radio 2 Halifax 102.7 ネットラジオ 放送。

CBC Radio 2 MontrealCBC Radio 2 Montreal

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ラジオ放送局 CBC Radio 2 Montreal インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / AAA CBC Radio 2 Montreal ネットラジオ 放送。

CBC Radio 2 Vancouver 92.1CBC Radio 2 Vancouver 92.1

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ラジオ放送局 CBC Radio 2 Vancouver 92.1 インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / AAA CBC Radio 2 Vancouver 92.1 ネットラジオ 放送。

CBC Radio 2 Winnipeg 98.3CBC Radio 2 Winnipeg 98.3

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ラジオ放送局 CBC Radio 2 Winnipeg 98.3 インターネットでラジオ 聴ける カナダ / クラシック / AAA CBC Radio 2 Winnipeg 98.3 ネットラジオ 放送。